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23 July, 2018

Feeding 20,000 mouths at The PGA European Tour

19,998, 19,999, 20,000! And Breathe… Whilst you’ve been basking in Britain's glorious weather, BBQing it up and chanting “football’s coming home!” (probably), we’ve been busy feeding a whopping 20,000 mouths at The PGA European Tour.

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23 April, 2018

The London Marathon 2018: Food fit for champions!

This year's London Marathon was officially the hottest on record! More than 40,000 runners took part amid temperatures of 24.1C (75.3F), which were recorded in St James's Park, the Met Office said. Runners were warned it could be even hotter on the course because of the heat absorbed by the roads and from other competitors. It truly was a scorcher!

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9 April, 2018

Waste not, want not

Food waste is a growing concern around the world. In the UK alone, eight million of us will struggle to put food on the table today. Yet we continue to throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink each year. 

As a location catering company, this is a bitter pill to swallow. Our reputation for providing generous amounts of everything often results in there being leftovers. As a result, we feel a responsibility to step up to the plate. 

Whilst we encourage crews to come up for seconds, thirds, or fourths for those who simply can’t get enough, there’s only so many dauphinoise potatoes one can indulge themselves in. Let’s be honest, eating ourselves into an obesity epidemic is definitely not the solution to ending food waste…

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3 April, 2018

Four Weddings and a Film Crew

You may have seen the film, “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, in which Charles (Hugh Grant) keeps crossing paths with Carrie (Andie MacDowell) in the most unlikely places, causing the pair to ultimately fall in love. Well, ask anyone who’s sampled the delights of Fayre Do’s catering, and they’ll too, tell you that it was love at first sight. Usually, it doesn’t take five social occasions for people to let us know. But then again, we haven't served Hugh Grant yet…

That being said, we have served some of the world’s most respected actors, producers and film crews for the world’s most famous films, TV productions and private events. From Gordon Ramsay to the Royals, we’ve delighted them all. That’s why we want to take you behind the scenes to show you what really goes on in the day of a life for Fayre Do’s, from the kitchen to the film set.

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